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We’ve built an independent network of world class strategists, designers, and creative leaders with highly specialized skillsets. At Brander Marketing, we deliver amazing results for a variety of clients.

Our Mission is Centered Around
Learning & Growing With Your Users

At Brander Marketing, we empower the organizations we serve to build strong and long-lasting relationships with their consumers in an already complex world. We achieve this by delivering integrated marketing and project management that adds value.

Our Amazing Team

Ian Thomas, PMP

Ian Thomas, PMP

Director, Finance

Chloe' Thomas

Chloe' Thomas

Founder & CEO

Kim Wills, PCM

Kim Wills, PCM

Director, Marketing

Anya Reed, CMP

Digital Marketing Expert

Devin Overby

Sr. Graphic Designer

Dianne Barnard


Glenda Johnson

Sr. Creative Project Manager

Jeb Suphankij

Sr. Graphic Designer

Jennifer Dorange

Finance Coordinator

Kristian Adams

Creative Project Manager

Robert Fisher


Our Values

“Our mission and core values drive our actions. They are the foundation of our practice! In fact, we measure each decision against these standards.”  – Chris Hanslik


We give the best of ourselves to each of our clients.


Our passion for marketing and project management keeps us committed to the brands we serve.


We help translate purpose into action inside your organization. We help prepare you for the future of work by building organizational integrity that drives innovation.

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